Qu Feng Guo

Qu was born 1966 in Liao Ning. In 1988 he was graduated from Shanghai Drama Academy Stage Art Department. Currently Qu is a teacher at Shanghai Drama Academy Stage Art Department. 

1966    Born in China

1988    Graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, Stage department

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1998    "Qu Feng Guo Art Exhibition", Mi Qiu Modern Art Workshop, Shanghai

2001     "Surface Vision", The Room with a View, Shanghai

Selected Group Exhibitions

1988     "China 46" The Exhibition for Contemporary Chinese Art, Merlbourne

1993    "Modern Oil Paintings of Shanghai", Yokohama Gallery of Modern Art

1994     "Exhibition for the Symposium of Asia Culture & Art", Hilton Hotel

1996    "Outburst-Abstract Art in China", Mi Qiu Modern Art Workshop, Shanghai

1997    "National Art Exhibition in China", Modern Oil Paintinghs", Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai

                "The Dream of China, 97 Chinese Modern Art Exhibition", Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing

1998    "New Voices Contemporary Art Dialogue Amongs", Tai Pei, Hong Kong, Shanghai

1999    "Abstract from Cosmopolitan City- 99, Shanghai Abstract Art", Shanghai University

2000    "Shanghai 2000 Biennale", Shanghai Art Museum

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