Yang Zheng Xin

Yang was born in Shanghai Baoshan in 1942.  In 1965 Yang was graduated from the Shanghai Fine Arts School with bachelors degree in Chinese Painting. After his graduation he joined the Shanghai Acaedemy of Chinese Paintings to be professional Chinese painting artist. He is a member of the Chinese Artists Association. His artworks were selected to be presented at the 6th, 7th and 9th National Fine Arts Exhibition and various other exhibitions. 

Solo Exhibitions: 

1988    "Impression of Australia - Yang Zheng Xin Solo Exhibition at Shanghai Art Museum

1990    "Yang Zheng Xin Solo Art Exhibition" at Hong Kong City Hall

1999    "Yang Zheng Xin Solo Exhibition" at Izen Art Gallery

2004    "Evergreen Mountain - Yang Zheng Xin Mountain and Water Painting Solo Exhibition" at Shanghai Academy of Chinese Painting Art Museum

2006    "Yang Zheng Xin Figure Painting Solo Exhibition" at Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy Art Museum

2007    "Flow and Blossom - Yang Zheng Xin Solo Exhibition" in Shanghai Art Museum

In 2012 Renming Fine Arts Pubisher Published Works for Red Robe Artists : " Famous Chinese Modern Artists Series - Yang Zheng Xin's Artworks"

Over the years Yang has published more than 10 different painting albums by various publishers. 

Address: 1602, 48 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong      Tel: (852)-2542-1238       Website: www.izenart.com

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