Wang Jie Yin

Born in shanghai in 1941. Artist. Member of Chinese Artist Association; member of China Lithograph Association; Vice Chairman of Shanghai Artists Association; Chairman of Shanghai Lithograph Association. Graduated in 1966 from Shanghai Fine Art College. In 1986 Wang did additional studies at Vienna Applied Art University and Vienna Fine Arts College. Currently Wang is professor at Shanghai University College of Fine Arts. 

Major Solo Exhibition: 

1987    AAI Gallery in Vienna, Austria

1989    Shanghai Fine Arts Gallery

1989    Gunming Yunnan Art Museum

1997    Singapore French College Gallery

1998    Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Academy

2000    Shanghai Art Expo Gallery

Artworks collected by: 

Shanghai Art Museum

Shenzhen Art Museum

Jiangsu Art Museum

Qingdao Art Museum

Guangdong Art Museum

Anhui Art Museum

Shanghai Artists' Association

French National Library

Gravelines Museum in France

Australia New South Wales National Art Museum

America Asia Pacific Museum

Governor's Mansion in Macau

Portland Art Museum in U.S. 

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